Face Fears

Learn to manage the fears of matching against a skilled, unknown aversary

Public Presentation

Performing in front of thousands  fans and a panel of highly critical judges helps the student learn to deal with the anxieties of public presentation


The is no success in competition without preparation, and in sport built on the quest for self-perfection both the value and discipline of preparation must be embraced.


No matter how good, no one always wins.  In competion students learn the wisdom and perseverance  that can only be gained when facing defeat.


Karate, begins and end with respect and the expectation is nothing less in competiton.  Students learn to win with  honor while maintaining humility


To compete effectively the Karate athlete must have speed, agility, strength, and flexibility.  The nature of cross training necessary to achieve success rivals that of any other sport

All NRK Karate staff are trained and certified by the US Olympic Committee SafeSport program, which ceritifies instructors and coaches on skills and practices necessary to create a safe and productive training  environment.  This has been our standard for more than five years.

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NRK Karate is North San Diego's  largest US Olympic Committee santioned karate program.   Our instructors maintain  accreditation as judges, coaches and referees through the USA National Karate Federation, and our school and students benefit from the affilitation.

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Our students compete  annually at US Olympic sanctioned national and international events.  Our students consistantly enjoy podium successes ranging from introductory to pre-Olympic competition, all while maintaining highest in academic achievement.

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