At NRK Karate we carry the long legacy of traditional Karate directly from its birthplace in Okinawa, Japan.  We teach Shorin-Ryu karate, which among the oldest styles of Karate, and serves as the basis for most modern styles of karate like Shotokan, Shito-Ryu and Wado-Ryu, as well as Korean styles like Tang Soo Do and Tae Kwon Do.  Our system combines striking techniques, with grappling, throwing, and pressure point attacks making it one of the oldest of mixed martial arts.

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Okinawa was know through out history as a neutral gateway to the various ancient asian nations.  The Okinawas primarily lived as farmers, and fisherman, and as such, most of the okinawan weapons are improvised from tools.  Their skills in improvisation and martial arts, enabled them to transform these typically mundane impliments into powerful impliments of self protection and the inspiration for modern weapons like the police riot baton.  At NRK Karate, we continue this tradition.

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NRK Karate is a member club of the USA National Karate Federation, the governing body of sport karate in the United States and the only competitive karate organization sanctioned by the US Olympic Committee (USOC).  NRK Karate is proud to me San Marcos's only US Team recognized dojo, and one of very few in San Diego.  Our student athletes travel to compete amongst the most elite karate competitors in the world in hopes to represent the United States in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan and beyond.

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A black Belt realizes that all things are possible through discipline, hard work and determination. The best discipline is not one brought forth by others but from one that is found within “Self discipline”. When a person truly has this their potential is limitless.


A black belt believes that they can overcome any obstacle put before them if their goal is important enough to them. Through practice the student cultivates the philosophy: “Today not possible, tomorrow possible”.


Whether in school, on the playground, on the job, or in a fight the ability to persevere can be the difference between success and failure, or even life and death.  At NRK Karate we want our students win; not just in battle but in all of life.


Every class at NRK Karate begins with a combination of interval training, aerobic and anaerobic exercises, strength and agility training, and stretching.  This regiment serves to prepare the student mentally and physically for the challenges of life.


Karate is zen in movement.  Every movement that we taking in our training is to help the student seek peace within themselves, so that they may translate that peace to the world around them.


As a student progresses in their training, their mental fortitude, and physical abilities will be continuously challenged to find a newer, better version of themselves.   As they grow, their confidence will grow.


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Postal adress: 1355 Grand Avenue Suite 105, San Marcos, CA

Phone: (760) 798-1532


"Joining this Dojo was one of the best decisions that we've made for our oldest son. He absolutely loves Sensei McCammon. He's always excited to go to class, and has learned so much already."

Jill B.
San Marcos, CA