Since the passing of Nakaza, Hanshi the Kiyobukan is led by Hanshi (Grandmaster – 9th degree black belt) Brian Hobson, So Honbu Cho (Heaquarters Director). Hanshi Hobson is the first American to be named Headquarters Director of a Traditional Okinawa based Karate Association.  He is also the sole heir fo the Kiyobukan Association karate legacy as contracted by the Nakaza family in the witness of the regional officals from Itoman City, Okinawa, Japan.  It was the last wish of Nakaza, Hanshi that Hobson continue to build and stregthen the Kiyobukan, unimpeded by the posturing and politics that can plauge martial arts organizations.  It is for that reason that Nakaza promoted Hobson to the rank of 9th Dan, and the Title of Hanshi before his passing.

With  40 years of training in Okinawa Shorin-ryu Karate, Hanshi Hobson is one of the nations best martial artist. A 45 time state champion, 20 time U.S. National Champion, a 21 time All-American, and 2 time Pan American Games Champion Brian Hobson is regarded as one of Americas karate competitors. He is one of few to have achieve successive gold medals for long weapons, short weapons open hand forms, and fighting. He is also one of the nations leading karate instructors. His Tekkikan Dojo has over 200 active students and is recognized by the Amateur Athletic Union as one of the top twenty karate schools in the country.




Kiyobukan Honbu Dojo
Itoman-shi, Okinawa, Japan


NRK Karate
1355 Grand Avenue
San Marcos, CA

Pacific Martial Arts (NRK Karate) Los Angeles
2614 Arthur St.
Los Angeles, CA



Harriday's Karate and Fitness
Columbia, MD


Brian Hobson's Tekkikan Karate
Kiyobukan Honbu (Headquarters)
Armistead Ave Hampton, VA

Dojo of Three Rings
817 Main Street
Alta Vista, VA


Fudoshin Dojo
Vaughn, Ontario

Sping of Life Dojo
Fort Saskatuchwan, Alberta

South Africa

Andries Douglas Martial Arts
Ceres, Western Cape


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Core Karate Curriculum

Gold Belt - Kihon 1 – 3

Orange Belt - Fukyu 1 & 2

10th Kyu Purple Belt - Fukyu 3, Taikiyoku 1 & 2

9th Kyu Blue Belt - Taikiyoku 3 – 5

8th Kyu Blue Belt (1stripe) - Fukyu 4 & Naihanchi 1

7th Kyu Blue Belt (2 stripes) - Naihanchi 2 & 3

6th Kyu Green Belt - Pinan 1 – 3

5th Kyu Green Belt (1stripe) - Pinan 4 & 5

4th Kyu Green Belt (2 stripes) - Rohai

3rd Kyu Brown Belt - Passai Sho

2nd Kyu Brown Belt (1stripe) - Passai Dai

1st Kyu Brown Belt (2 stripes) - Kusanku Sho

SHODAN - Chinto

NIDAN - Kusanku Dai & Nakazato No Gorin

SANDAN - Gojushiho

Core Kobudo Curriculum

Roku Chaku Bo

Shushi No Kun

Shushi No Kun Sho

Shushi No Kun Dai

Sakugawa No Kun

Kubo No Kun

Sakugawa No Kun Dai

Tonfa /Tuifa

Nakazato (Shugoro) No Tonfa

Yarugawa No Tonfa


Tonaki No Nunchaku Dai Ichi & NI


Towada No Sai Dai Ichi - San


Nakaima No Kama Ichi & NI

Kai Bo/ Eku

Nakazato (Shugoro) No Eku