1. Hour requirement: 50 Hours Min

2. Clean uniform with Kiyobukan patch and dojo patch

3. All Kihon Dachi (basic stances) by command

4. Demonstrate full and snapping hip action

5. Demonstrate proper execution of seiken zuki (punch)

6. All Te waza (had techniques) by command and alone across the mat and backwards:
a. Stepping Yoko Zuki – Stepping side punch
b. Spinning Tettsui – Spinning bottom fist

7. Kunren No Keiko – Training Drills:

a. Empi Waza
b. Empi waza no Bunkai
c. Shuto waza

8. All uke waza by command and alone across the mat in combination and backwards in a kokutsu dachi with gyaku zuki –full hip action

9. All kihon geri across the mat in combination

10. Tobi geri mae geri (jumping front kick)

11. Back spin ushiro geri (back spinning back kick)

12. Kihon Kumite – Review Ippon Kumite 1 – 3

a. Ippon kumite dai ichi
b. Ippon kumite dai ni
c. Ippon kumite dai san

13. Te & Ashi no waza – hand and feet combinations (2nd strike in kokutsu dachi – gyaku zuki – full hip action)

a. Mae geri-miagki zuki-gyaku zuki (front kick - jab - reverse punch)
b. Mawashi geri-shuto-gyaku zuki (round kick - chop - reverse punch)
c. Yoko geri-Uraken-gyaku zuki (side kick - backfist - reverse punch)
d. Ushiro geri-tettsui-gyaku zuki (back kick - bottom fist - reverse punch)

14. Kata:

a. Kihon Ippon, Nihon, Sanbon
b. Kihon kata no bunkai (application)
c. Fukyu kata dai ichi, dai ni, dai san
d. Fukyu kata no bunkai (application)
e. Taikyoku Ichidan, Nidan
f. Quality of kata

15. Karate Kotoba – Karate Vocabulary List

Antei - Balance
Budo – Martial way
Bujutsu –martial fighting art
Bushi - warrior
Kuzushi - leverage
Ma - distance
Maai – individual distance
Mokuso – quiet meditation
Naisan – woman or girl
Neisan – man or boy
Kobudo – Ancient weapon way
Kobojutsu – Ancient art of weaponry
Ryu – System, Style, Way

16. Defense against grabbing techniques (2)

17. Ashi barai (foot sweeps)
a. Deashi barai
b. Osotogari

18. Kiai (shouting spirit)

19. Kimochi (attitude)

20. Bowing Out Procedure:

a.Highest Rank commands:

- Mokuso - Quiet Meditation (students and instructor(s) sit in seiza - feet folded under their hips, with eyes closed)
- Mokuso Owari -Meditation over (eyes open)
- Shomen Ni Rei - All students bow to the front (left hand down first, then right then bow towards the floor. Return in reverse order)
- Sensei - Request for instructor to turn around
- Sensei Ni Rei - Bow to the instructor

Everyone repeats:
Domo Arigato Gozaimasu -Thank you very much (bow and wait for instructor to respond)

Instructor responds:

Doitashimashita - You are welcome (instructor bows to the students)

O-teiga Ni Rei - Bow to each other for mutual respect and understanding (teacher and students bow to each other)