At NRK Karate, we offer three different training schedule options to help you fit your Karate training into your already busy schedule. There is no minimum attendance on any schedule. Instead, each program is designed to allow the students to progress in at a reasonable rate to keep them excited and motivated every time that they set foot on the training floor.

Under our standard training 3-DAY programs an average student can progress from white belt to first degree black belt in 5 – 7 years. Under the ELITE training program 1st degree black belt is achievable in 3.5 – 5 years.


Choose schedule 'A' for 3-day a week access to the dojo on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.


Choose schedule ‘B’ for 3-day a week access to the dojo on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Schedule B is currently restricted to ‘Elite’ program members and students ranked ‘Blue Belt’ or higher.


Choose Elite Training for 5-day a week access at any time that the dojo is open. There are no shortcuts in real Karate training, but the Elite program offers the most flexible schedule and affords the students the fastest progression in their training hours.