PEE-WEE (Ages 3.5 – 6)

At NRK Karate our training programs begin with our Pee Wee Dragons Class.  Crafted especially for ages 3.5 to 6, Pee Wee Dragons is a 50% play based program, that balances the rigors and disciple of a traditional karate training program with, fun and games that are designed to engage not only the students but also the parents as Renshi McCammon and his team engage the class in the exploration of karate.

As with all classes at NRK Karate, the Pee Wee Dragon program is holistic.  Not only do the students get introduces to basic martial movements (stances, kicking, punching, and blocking), but they are also engaged in Japanese vocabulary, martial history, character development and self protection principals.    This high energy class capture and keep the attention of the young ones as they work to develop strength, enhanced motor skills and focus, and since the program is achievement and goal oriented, the students learn goal setting perseverance.

Pee Wee Dragons is offered once a week on Saturday mornings from 11:00 am to 11:30.  Students in the class can matriculate through 4 distinct belt ranks, each with 2 mid-term progress promotions along the way.  All students undergo regular belt testing and promotions so they learn how to set and achieve goals, with the ultimate objective being to graduate to the kids class as  Junior Gold Belt.