Shihan McCammon with 52 Masters

What an amazing honor to have bestowed upon our dojo and our Sensei to be included in William Christopher Ford’s “52 Masters” project. This 52 week YouTube documentary series explores the techniques and philosophies of different martial arts and their teachers to help promote a broader understanding of the concept of perpetual learning.

In the series, the producer, William Christopher Ford, falls in line behind his guest instructors and shows the humility and curiosity of a student to help expand his view and highlight the true spirit of Budo (the martial way).

Sensei Ford is a life long practitioner of Okinawan Shorin Ryu karate from the same lineage of our own Shihan McCammon. For this episode, Sensei Ford chooses to highlight Okinawan karate for the first time in the series, starting with the style that gave his start…ours.

Take a look and enjoy as Shihan McCammon shares our journey with Sensei Ford as the both explore the long and unending path towards a mastery.

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52 Masters